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  • Betrayal

    Feeling betrayed can be one of the worst feelings. It’s a trifecta. You TRUSTED; you got fooled, you BELIEVED; you got fooled, you ACTED accordingly; you looked like a fool. It’s so rough. How on earth are you supposed to cope with such an injustice? Who’s in control? Ok, let’s get clear from the outset. […]

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  • Captain Obvious

    Sometimes we all need Captain Obvious to be unafraid and point out the bleedingly obvious to us and give us a good shake up for our own good. Here is a Captain Obvious pointer; Bitterness Are you feeling bitter about something? Be honest – Yes? Well Captain Obvious is here to let you know it […]

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  • What’s holding you back?

    It’s usual for January to be a time when people reflect on the direction of their lives. We make movies in our heads about making more money, getting fitter, going on a lovely holiday, drinking less alcohol, oh yeah, and just being generally fabulous all round. To achieve what you want, to really break through […]

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  • Back in the saddle

    After a messy break up, finding love again can feel like some kind of stupid myth or distant memory.  It doesn’t have to be. It takes time and practice to believe in love again. Feeling love again and enjoying life after a breakup is a similar journey to losing weight or gaining strength. You need […]

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  • Make more time for you

    1. Spill… tell us about your messy break up! I felt I was too young to be in a serious relationship and to be dealing with all the issues that were happening at such a young age. I started dating the guy when I was almost 20 and ended it soon after I turned 21. […]