Feeling betrayed can be one of the worst feelings. It’s a trifecta. You TRUSTED; you got fooled, you BELIEVED; you got fooled, you ACTED accordingly; you looked like a fool. It’s so rough. How on earth are you supposed to cope with such an injustice?

Who’s in control?

Ok, let’s get clear from the outset. The joker, the one betraying, in this is always the fool. Not you. Sometimes life can deal out some pretty harsh lessons in being the sovereign figure of your life. The Queen or King of your life, if you like. The overseer, the head of all contracts. The rule maker. The boundary setter. The vision follower. What I’m saying is that, if you feel you have been betrayed, a part of your kingdom or queendom was asleep. Rude awakening, but here it is. You would hope that your government is awake when making policy decisions about healthcare, schooling, taxes etc. Same goes for your life. It’s time to awaken your sovereign being. You are back in control.


Everyone has been betrayed at one point or another. Truth is we may be betrayed again in another context. Work perhaps? Siblings, who knows. The admission here is giving a nod to the lessons it brings you and fully learn from it, without holding onto the bitterness of the taste if it. 


What is awareness anyway? Maybe it’s that feeling in the pit of you’re stomach. Maybe it’s that incessant unease in your mind you can’t reconcile with something. Awareness is the acknowledgement of something on your radar. You don’t have to act on it right away, but the sovereign leader will acknowledge it and know it is there. It will have it humming in the background, watching it, wary of it, risk factor accounting for it. The sovereign leader won’t let its team down by pretending it’s not there. Let yourself be aware of what doesn’t add up to you.

What would the sovereign leader do?

Well, humans are all flawed, and deliciously so. It’s what makes us unique, loveable, hateable, memorable. All of that. But a sovereign leader? What’s that? In this blog, your sovereign leader is as much a part of you as your lover, warrior, carer, child and adult personas within you. A quality we all have if we let it be. Your sovereign leader will listen to the information from the awareness, gather an understanding of the real situation. By asking questions, and listening to the answers (even if it is not what they want to hear) your sovereign leader seeks truth. 

What if the truth hurts?

Well, honestly, lets face it, betrayal can only hurt more than truth. If you smell something isn’t right, follow that scent. This is not to say that paranoia, jealousy and obsessiveness is a scent. That is a problem in itself, which you must address if it’s anywhere on your radar. What I’m talking about is a truthful sense that something isn’t as is should be. The quicker you respond to this the faster you can address this and remain in control of the decisions in your life. If you kid yourself that something is up, but it will resolve itself, you may find yourself being betrayed yet again.


Once you address that hunch, ask good questions, figure out the truth in your own life, you are empowered to make good decisions. Your future is yours. You’ve learnt from your past, you’ve stood up to the plate and made some tough calls. No space for hate, bitterness or blame, you’ve just made a great decision to move forward in a healthy, empowered and positive way. You are sovereign. You have lead the way in your life. Your direction is clear, no one has played trickery on your future. 

Great Life

Let the players play and the haters hate. What a waste of time, when you have the power to make your life great. See ya old trickery! I’m gonna lead a great one! I’m gonna keep learning and keep being aware and keep being open to great and keep being open to love. The real stuff.

Love your life,


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