Captain Obvious

Sometimes we all need Captain Obvious to be unafraid and point out the bleedingly obvious to us and give us a good shake up for our own good.

Here is a Captain Obvious pointer;


Are you feeling bitter about something? Be honest – Yes? Well Captain Obvious is here to let you know it shows. It shows up in your suspicion of others it shows up in your cutting jokes, it shows up in your quickness to blame. It shows up in your fear of kindness from others. It shows up in the ways you might put someone down.

If you are harbouring a bitterness, even if you think you are queen of sweet and friendly, the bitterness that you are hiding (from yourself) is Obvious to the rest of the world.

How to deal with the daemon causing your bitterness;

Holding onto a hate, a resentment, a bitterness or a grudge is exactly as the old saying goes… It’s like you drinking poison and hoping the other person gets sick. It only hurts the possibilities in your life. It only hurts you being able to reach your full potential. It only hurts your ability to move on and have meaningful relationships. It’s hurting your success potential.

Now we are not martyrs, we are not saying that whatever caused your resentment or bitterness is not completely horrible and not worth being upset over. Of course it is. Be furious, be sad, be confused, but be absolutely sure you choose to be over it and let it go as soon as you possibly can. That situation has no right to run through your veins anymore. It’s over. It’s gone. Your life is yours now. Choose peace in your mind success in your life and love in your body.

Love your life,

Rebecca 💋

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