The daughter of a Physic, life for me growing up was different! My days consisted of spirit fairs, tarot cards, aura photos, crystals and self love workshops! It was mostly just my mum and me, a couple of free spirits and it was amazing… except for when it wasn’t… life is messy and just like any other child I had to go through all of those growing up life experiences! Broken hearts, jealousy, only child syndrome, daddy (or lack of daddy) issues, boys in fast cars, curfews, alcohol and drugs, just to name a few!

Growing up isn’t easy for anyone and you know what… I don’t think it ever ends! The day I realised that was the day I decided to enjoy the ride instead of waiting for my happy ending!

With a passion for living my best life, I spend my free time walking my dogs with my gorgeous bf, reading books and researching life, people, health and love! While my passion is all about happiness I am also one of those people who gets a kick out of organisation, structure and systems. In life, my mission is to find that perfect balance of structure and spontaneity, responsibility and fun, Structure and Freedom! You get the picture!

This has taken me many places and I have had many relationships along the way! From Townsville to Brisbane to Hertfordshire all over Europe, America and Canada, from Thailand to Bali and Fiji to working in Management from the age of 18 to childcare, bakeries, bars, book shops and training organisations.  Lets just say, I have been around and I have learnt a bit along the way!

I like to see my life as chapters in a bloody good read and each chapter has had its gloriously messy parts! Chapter One which I title the Incident to Chapter Four – Life in the Ghetto, all the way to now (Chapter 11 – name pending), which opens with me day dreaming about starting a business with this awesome cool chick I only just met! Skip a few pages ahead and here we are… The Messy Break Up!

So what’s my Messy Break Up story? Which one!? I have had so many, from family break ups to boyfriend heartbreaks and workplace bully bust ups! Does it end here… most likely not! But at least I know i’m not alone! This messy thing called life…

We’re all in it together!