The sun will rise tomorrow

When you ask people to share their most personal experiences with others, most people shy away and politely refuse. Sometimes I think we forget that this messy thing called heartbreak, pain, misery… LIFE is happening to everyone, all around us! No one’s life is perfect and life is never easy all of the time… but do you know what makes it easier… sharing it with someone!

That is just one of the many reasons The Messy Break Up has started this Interview series… So without any further introduction, the first of many anonymous interviews with people who have been there and lived through the Messy Break Up:

1. Spill… tell us about your messy break up!

Where to begin? I was with my ex for a very long time, we met when I was 15 and broke up when I was 26. He didn’t take it very well and stalked me for approx. 18 months.

2. What was the hardest part of the break up?

Hurting someone you love by leaving them and knowing that I wasn’t only breaking up with him, but also his family and friends was by far the hardest parts.

3. If you learned just one thing, what was it?

Stay strong and be confident in your decision, trying to help the other person cope with the break up will just drag out the situation longer.

4. What can you laugh about now that time has passed?

How much guilt I had about the break up and how I scared I was about the future.

5. If you look back over the relationship did you miss any red flags?

So many! Things are so much clearer once the emotion has subsided.

6. What advice would you give someone going through something similar?

Stay strong, this isn’t your fault, you will be ok and I promise that the world won’t end, the sun will rise tomorrow and it does get easier.

7. If you could give one piece of advice to the person you broke up with what would it be?

Grow up and take control of your life, you need to be happy within yourself before you can be happy with another person.


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