Make the choice to feel better!

Clean Up and STOP feeling terrible after a messy breakup:

Coming out of a bad relationship is like a massive culture shock. You may have been worn down over time, without even realising it. Then one day you have woken up and realised the huge gap from the person you were to the one you are now. You might be experiencing feelings like; ugliness, lack of confidence, depression, fear, loneliness, lack of direction. The list can go on. 

Feeling this way is not going to work for you. You can perpetuate this confused and hurt way of life. You may even stumble into another unhealthy relationship if you don’t address the messy words in your head. 

You need to make the choice to feel better, be better do better and attract better. Hell, you deserve a way better life than all the rubbish you’ve just been through, don’t you? 

Here’s something. Anytime you hear a negative voice in your head about yourself, remember you unwittingly accepted that from someone else, perhaps you created it yourself? Which ever way it got there, now you have the power to remove it. That person, no longer has power over how you feel. Sure, they may try to trick you into thinking they do by playing legal games, mind games, emotional games, even physical. But now it really is your choice. How are you going to choose to feel about yourself?

Your feelings can be re-trained and re-triggered into positive, confident, self assured ones, making you a more successful and happy person. 

How? Ok, let’s break your day into two slots. Morning and night. When you wake up in the morning, what’s your first feeling? Sadness? Guilt? Fear? Whatever it is, if it is negative, you need to consciously and wilfully STOP and replace it with something reassuring, future focused and positive. Keep it simple. 

So for example;

Morning, wake up; “I’m feeling frightened.” Who does that feeling give power to? The very person you just broke up with. No more!!! Take their power away and give it back to you. Once you are aware of that feeling, you need to STOP it in its tracks. Replace it with something positive. A great replacement example would be “I’m feeling vulnerable, yet strong.” Or “I’m feeling vulnerable and excited about my future.” Start backing yourself and giving power back to yourself. Screw feeling bad right?

Part 2, night time. You might be feeling lonely going to bed by yourself? What ever the negative feeling is, STOP, replace it with the exact opposite. Something positive. 

I have only broken the day down into two parts. You may break it into many parts. 

Be aware of the negative crap in your head. Take control of it. Only you can change your mind. Only you can change how you feel. Clean up the mess. Say “STOP” to the nasty stuff and welcome in the great stuff. 

Choose a great life for you. All day. Every day. 💋

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