The Daughter of an incredibly eccentric inventor and a very creative and fun loving mother, life was destined to be different. Just soooo different… At home, normal appliances, like fridges and ovens were a “sometimes thing” meaning that a camp gas burner in the kitchen was more normal and working door knobs were replaced by screw drivers hung on the wall, food was not an “always thing” and my school uniform did the trick for weekend wear as well. My dads passion for physics, the natural word, flying and science balanced my mums passion for literature, history and art. My house was my canvas. Literally – we were given paints and textas to draw on the walls as we wished. People were always at our house, because something outside normal was always going on there. Inventions, the first PC ever bought to Australia was delivered to my dad, pretty much anything could and mostly did happen at our house.

This kind of a gig left space for us kids to grow and explore outside the normal. …37 years on, different is my thing. It follows me. Even when I try so very much not to be different. It finds me.

My passion has always been people. People behaviour, people thoughts, people brains, people relationships, people watching, people laughing. Oggling at the absurdity of people sometimes too. So naturally I’ve become a counsellor and coach. I’ve worked with elite athletes and the highest achieving of our business people too. At the end of the day, it always boils down to relationships. Every time. Even if it’s simply the relationship you have with yourself. So why the messy break up?

My Messy Breakup is the love child of me and my dear friend Christie, who found each other and discovered… we have had such similar weeeeird backgrounds.

What’s my messy breakup story? Lol – I have some super messy ones. Each more tragic and messy and hurtful and weird as the last. Messy breakups with employers, employees, clients, lovers, partners, family and even friends. Some have had make-ups, some have civil “get on with it” outcomes. Others are completely in the bin, never to be retrieved endings! Hahaha. All of them have broken my heart and I have felt each one keenly. Each one has shaped my life and in return, each one has given me a gift of living life to my fullest and I love all of the hurts I’ve had as much as all of my gifts of true friendship love and passion.

…its all messy! Cleaning it up and having a great life is what its all about. x