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Are you in the throes of a Messy Break Up? Do you need to reclaim your life? Restore clarity and direction? Do you dream of Improving your relationships? Rediscovering your passions, getting your confidence back, regaining your self-worth? How about living a happier, more fulfilled life?

We hear you! Whether it’s a break up with your spouse, friend, family, your boss, your business or any other kind of relationship breakdown, The Messy Break Up is designed to help. We share real stories, let you know you’re not alone, eradicate the bad behaviours some people indulge in during a break up and help you be amazing again. The Messy Break Up focuses on a wide range of personal issues and concepts such as life balance, well being, self worth, behavioural accountability, stress, anxiety, communication style and its effects on others, the list goes on.

First! Who are we?

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I love free will – How I feel is my choice, how I live is my choice. I choose a great life!

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What do we offer? 

We offer real support. We want you to know you don’t have to make your way through the mess alone. If its advice, information, coaching or just to look around we are so happy you have found us!

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