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  • Betrayal

    Feeling betrayed can be one of the worst feelings. It’s a trifecta. You TRUSTED; you got fooled, you BELIEVED; you got fooled, you ACTED accordingly; you looked like a fool. It’s so rough. How on earth are you supposed to cope with such an injustice? Who’s in control? Ok, let’s get clear from the outset. […]

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  • What’s holding you back?

    It’s usual for January to be a time when people reflect on the direction of their lives. We make movies in our heads about making more money, getting fitter, going on a lovely holiday, drinking less alcohol, oh yeah, and just being generally fabulous all round. To achieve what you want, to really break through […]

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  • Make more time for you

    1. Spill… tell us about your messy break up! I felt I was too young to be in a serious relationship and to be dealing with all the issues that were happening at such a young age. I started dating the guy when I was almost 20 and ended it soon after I turned 21. […]