What’s holding you back?

It’s usual for January to be a time when people reflect on the direction of their lives. We make movies in our heads about making more money, getting fitter, going on a lovely holiday, drinking less alcohol, oh yeah, and just being generally fabulous all round.

To achieve what you want, to really break through and do something different, you need to have good hard look at yourself and be honest.

What’s really holding me back?

If you can answer this question honestly, you are on your way to achieving the kind of life you want. If you’re struggling to answer, here are a couple of tips to help things along…

Being honest with yourself

To really be honest with yourself, you might need to acknowledge some daemons, warts and ugly bits you’d rather hide away from. Interestingly, these weaknesses are exactly what’s going to make you strong if you shed a little light on them and nurture yourself.

Ask yourself

what’s holding me back from achieving goal X?

Could it be you are worried what someone else might think of you? Are you worried you’re not worth achieving that goal? Perhaps you have yourself convinced it’s not possible to achieve?

What ever the truth of your answer here is, this will be the very thing to work on turning around so you can go forward and live your life to its fullest potential.

Here’s a step by step example from a real client. Names are changed of course.

💋 Step 1) The Un-achieved Goal.

Jenny has been trying to reach her goal weight for years. No matter how hard she tries, nothing works. She goes back to her old unhealthy habits each time.

💋 Step 2) Be honest with yourself.

Jenny finally asks herself “What’s REALLY holding me back?”

To her surprise, her truthful answer to herself is “People will not take me seriously in my career if I am attractive.”

💋 Step 3) Discovering the sabotage.

Jenny discovers she has an underling sabotage belief holding her back from what she truly wants.

💋 Step 4) How to unravel the sabotage belief,

Jenny’s example: Now that Jenny has awareness of her underlying barrier, she now has the power to change it.

💋 Step 5) Replace it with a success belief.

” I am great in my career, people will take me seriously for who I am, not how I look. I deserve to feel attractive.”

💋 Step 6) Repeat.

Repeat new success belief over and over. Every day. Be relentless. Be brave and ask yourself more questions on what’s holding you back. Then we can get to work on turning it around and achieve the kind of life you’ve been waiting for.

Love your life,


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