When Your Best Isn’t Good Enough

Sometimes, no matter how hard you try, no matter how much effort you put in, no matter how hard you love someone, sometimes there is a hole in the other persons bucket, and it all flows right out again. Like you never tried in the first place. As if you never loved them with all your might. Like everything you did was unseen.

This is painful and causes you to lose your confidence in yourself. You might find yourself trying even harder, looking for that sense of fulfilment in your partner. How on earth can you make them feel secure and happy? Perhaps your best isn’t good enough?

You’ll find yourself questioning everything you do. They question you after all don’t they? The person with the hole in their bucket. The person you give everything to. They still question you. They still suspect that you have an ulterior motive. They still look for what’s wrong, when nothing is wrong. In fact, they are missing everything that is right, aren’t they? They are letting it slip through their rusty, hole filled bucket. They have let their bucket rust, and only they can fix it.

💋 Big truth

No one can “make” someone happy. You can add to a persons happiness. You can add to a persons life. But if a person chooses to keep holes in their bucket, if they choose to hold onto the belief that no one will do right by them, then they are choosing to let the good stuff slip through. Who’s issue is that? Not yours. Save your energy.

💋 Everyone gets holes in their bucket.

Everyone suffers some nasty punches along the way in life. Especially if you’re giving it all you’ve got. If you have a hole in your bucket that some other asshole has left behind. Patch it up! It’s making you miss out on the good stuff. Patch it up and get on with it.

If you find yourself suspicious of people who are doing all they can for you, if you find yourself looking for the wrong, you had better take a look at yourself in the mirror first. What are you projecting onto others? How many holes have you left un-patched? Fix it dear Liza. Fix it!

Those great people out there who are choosing a great life, patch things they have broken very fast in order to have their great life. They are not going to miss out on the great stuff. They catch it, keep it and nurture it.

If you are dragging around a holy bucket and grizzling that you never get what you deserve, fix it. And fast. You are risking missing out on those “great life” people. They know when their energy is going to waste.

You deserve the best, weather it’s you pouring it all in or if it’s you letting it all slip away. Go on and patch it or ditch it. Choose a great life.

Love your life,

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