When your Employer breaks up with you!

When you think about Break Up’s, its easy to just think about romantic relationships… But what about the break ups that happen which don’t involve your partner… what about those awkward moments when you have to break up with your hairdresser or your employer… OR even worse, what about those times that they break up with YOU!!

Those moments… well lets be honest… they SUCK!

I landed my dream job! I was thrilled! The people seemed nice, the pay was right and I had delivered on this type of project in so many other companies, I had this in the bag… well so I thought! Unfortunately I was wrong… Oh so wrong! 6 months later (on the day!) I was made redundant…

💋 Red Flags

It’s easy to ignore the red flags as they pop up, especially when you want something to work, I know I did! But this is the universe telling you something isn’t right. Trust your gut! It knows best… I know if I had listened to mine I would of started making better arrangements the moment it started to feel off.

💋 Self Worth 

Redundancy, getting fired, quitting or giving notice, none of these should be attached to your self worth! I know for the first month I forgot this! I had been made redundant! ME! I mean I am awesome! Right?! I always thought so… that may sound egotistical… but I was used to be awesome at my job! Being appreciated and thanked, being the go to! I mean… I’m not the type of person who gets let go! But there I was… Letter in hand, with some guy who had been in the… (MY) industry for a second, letting ME go! I was infuriated, hurt and felt like my self worth had been hacked at by a machete… (OK so I have always had the tendency to be a little dramatic… I was top of the class in drama at school ok!) But that doesn’t stop the fact that, in that moment of being let go, you feel pretty low. But this moment does not define you, DO NOT attach this moment to your self worth!

💋 Getting Back on Track 

For me, it took about 2 months… others may recover quicker some slower… it’s no race and I am sure my ego is still a little bruised and I am still trying to find my feet in a new industry… but I have realised, everything happens for a reason! I know in my heart that I did the best I could in an uneasy time and situation. Redundancy or being let go is not ideal, but it is an experience, a lesson, another life event to learn and grow from! It’s easy to get caught up in the emotion and blame others or blame yourself! BUT don’t get stuck in  that! You are better than that. Take some time to mourn… I mean loss is loss even if it is a loss of something an not someone, but don’t dwell in that for too long! Don’t let your self worth be tainted by this experience. Rest, Reflect and Restart! You got this!

💋 Final Thoughts… 

My experience is not everyones experience and some may think that I am being a little dramatic… and if so… AWESOME! That means in this situation you were stronger! You knew your self worth and you survived a shitty situation! But I know for me it was just that little bit harder. I let myself attach this experience to my value as a person! For a moment I forgot that I did my best and I am good enough and I let the companies downfalls/failure rest on my shoulders… I was taking the blame for their issue… I mean… I’m not the one running a company where I have to let half my team go! F&%K that poor guy! I may have played a part, but that does not land soley on me… I am not a failure! The mind is a powerful thing and the moment you let self doubt creep in is the moment you start letting your experiences own your self worth! Once I stopped mourning, I told myself to get up, get over it and move the F on! I know I am a good worker and I take pride in what I do, I will take this experience, learn, grow and move on to better things, cause thats what I deserve… and so do you!

No-one can make you feel inferior without your consent – Eleanor Roosevelt


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